Thursday, December 18, 2014

Christmas Eve buffet @ G Cafe, G Hotel

Christmas is just around the corner, I can feel that Santa Claus is coming to town. Just do not know whether he remembers to bring me any present. HAHAHA

It's okay, doesn't matter because I have celebrated my early Christmas at G Hotel! Thank you G Hotel for extending the invitation.

Love the Christmas tree and snow house at the entrance of G Cafe! The Christmas-ish feel ~~

Christmas goodies are available too!

How can we don't have Roasted Turkey during Christmas eve, right? Whenever I think of Christmas, the first thing appears in my mind is Turkey.
The turkey meat is very tender and it is ze best with the sauces prepared by the chef. There are 3 difference sauces (photo below) and the chef suggested us to try with the Apple Sauce and Cranberry Sauce. Rosemary brown sauce is good too and I kinda like this sauce more than the others. :)

The next thing that amazed me is CHEEZE! Sorry is Cheesse with crackers and nuts :p
Don't really know how to differentiate them, everyone tastes really good to me. Pardon me, I am like a frog at the bottom of a well. x.x 

Squid Salad

Sausage Salad

Seafood bar

Hello my favourite Scallops!


My all time favourite Mussels!
There are a few sauces available at seafood bar, and my favourite goes to Wasabi sauce!


Corn and Crab soup

Mussels in Saffron with Leek & Apples

Sautéed Potatoes

Fish Scaloppini

Seafood Au Gratin

Poulet Francaise


Grill bar - prawns, fish and meats.
The chef will help you to grill, what you need to do is just choose!

Christmas Pudding with Vanilla Sauce


Colourful Macaroons and Chocolate Fondue
So happy to see my favourite desserts. Chocolate fondue is the must to eat whenever I dine in G Cafe. As for the Macaroons, surprisingly it was not that sweet like I thought.

Must try pastry - Pineapple tart
It is totally different from those we have/ purchase outside. The crust is very crispy and the pineapple is gather at the center and I guess the baker sprinkled some cinnamon on top.

Mince Pie

and Christmas Cakes!

Christmas Yule Log Cake
I want the Santa Claus. xD

Other than Log Cake, there are Gingerbread house cake, Christollen Christmas cakes, peach cake, cheese cakes and etc. Photography skill needs to be improved!

Christmas Cookies!

Photo from JJ
Me (I looked extremely ugly here lol), Chloe, CK Lam, Shelyn, JJ and Ken at the back! The benefits of being tall. :'(

Hello Shelyn, long time no see ♥♥
Attending event/ review with her will never feel bored because I can talk non-stop with her HAHAHA! Until Chloe and JJ felt annoyed. x.x

Christmas Eve Dinner (24th of December 2014) 
6: 30 pm to 11.00 pm.
148.00 ++ MYR for adult. 68.00 ++ MYR for 7- 12 years old child.
A glass of traditional glue Wine on arrival. Add 99.00 ++ MYR for free flow of house beer or wine.

 Christmas Day Sparkling Brunch (25th of December 2014)
12.00 pm to 3.00 pm.
138.00 ++ MYR for adult. 68.00 ++ MYR for 7- 12 years old child.
A glass of sparkling wine on arrival. Add 99.00 ++ MYR for free flow of house beer or wine. 

Boxing Day Buffet Lunch (26th of December 2014)
12.00 pm to 3.00 pm.
98.00 ++ MYR for adult. 50.00 ++ MYR for 7- 12 years old child.
Free flow of soft drinks and juices. Add 99.00 ++ MYR for free flow of house beer or wine.

Advisable to make reservation to avoid disappointment
04-238 0000 /


Monday, December 15, 2014

21 - 24.11.14 KL Café/ Food Hunts

Apologize for did not update the blog for 2 weeks. I was very exhausted after work, it is not that my job scope is tiring, but facing the laptop for the entire working hours has caused me lost the mood to switch on the laptop again to blog.

So before I hit the sack, let's continue my last month KL trip. Other than shopping, I also took the opportunity to go for KL Café hunt.

KL Cafe hunt is so much better than Penang, just my two cent worth. The reason I said so is because the café is bigger, much cozy and it is not that competitive like how it is in Penang. You will see there are like 2 to 3 cafés at the same row of shop lot, or just right opposite each other. Personally I won't visit the cafés I went before and a lot of my friends do so too. But for KL, I started to miss the food the next day after my first visit. This thing never happened in Penang (I have gone to a lot of Penang cafés), the food are mainstream, people visit just for photos, same goes to me.

 The Owls Cafe at Bukit Jalil 

Sorry I had lost all the receipts and I have forgotten the exact name of the dishes. I did not plan to blog frankly, I just want to Instagram-record this KL trip. You can Instagram search hashtag KharnyeeinKL to find out more. :)

It's something like Eggs Benedict. The way they presented this dish was quite special.

Rebecca Waffle
The sister said The Owls Cafe is famous because of their waffles. Indeed, the waffles are so good and it is now the best waffles in my foodie list. Too bad I could not have such awesome waffles in Penang. :'(

The Rebecca Waffle has a scoop of Earl Grey ice cream on top and fruits like banana, strawberry slices and blueberries and sprinkled some sugar.

Plain Waffle
If you ask me to choose between plain waffle and Rebecca, somewhat I would choose plain waffle. The waffle is crispy outside and slightly soft inside. It came with a piece of butter and a small jar of maple syrup. You can add on fruits and ice cream too.

And we also ordered Rose Latte. The latte has strong aroma of rose and it is as nice as Pie Harbour's Champagne rose latte. We actually also ordered Coffee Platter (A plate with 3 drinks - Espresso, Cappuccino and plain water) but I think the staff did not hear me so the order wasn't make. Oh ya, plain water will be served on every table.

Me with my cuppa Rose Latte. :D
I will definitely visit this café again. Miss their waffles alreadyyyy!

Restoran Jin Xuan Hong Kong 锦选香港特极点心 at Puchong

Dim Sum as breakfast before we started our shopping journey. The only Dim Sum I ordered was Salted Creamy Bun 流沙包 because the sister and her boyf said it was very good! The content was very creamy and liquid form. I have not eaten salted creamy bun for a lot of years because not much Dim Sum restaurant successfully made this bun. Suggest me some if you know!

Banh Mi - The Vietnamese Baguette at Bandar Puteri Puchong

We were discussing what is the meaning behind the name of this cafe. And Google Translate solved our doubt. Banh Mi in Vietnamese is known as bread.

So all of us ordered Banh Mi and I had Braised Pork Banh Mi. There were hams, meat, vegs and sauces wrapped inside the toasted bread.

Authentic Vietnam Coffee
It is so difficult to drink frankly. You need to wait the coffee to be filtered from the top completely and then added the condensed milk according to your preference. The coffee was very bitter and I had to double up the condensed milk in order to drink it. Usually I did not add sugar in my coffee but this Vietnam Coffee was too bitter to be drunk. ><

And the last café before we headed back to our lovely island - Penang.

MAP'S at Bandar Sunway
If you are a pork lover, you will definitely love this café!

Tea that came with the set.

Porky Meatball
Other than meatballs, there were roasted potatoes and were extremely delicious!

Porky pancake
2 slices of pancake with bacons, egg, roasted potatoes and also syrup. I love these potatoes more than the porky meatball's potatoes because the PM's has sauces on it.

For the set, other than the western style like Breakfast on Bed (Something I remembered because the name is just too nice), they have rice too! This rice set came with orange juice. The orange juice was berry good!

We also ordered Omelette XXX (Couldn't remember) and Vanilla Smoothies/ Milkshake but I have no idea why I did not take the photos. LOL

So ya, that's all for my KL Café/ Food Hunts.

Did not thought that this trip would end up become a foodie trip more than a shopping trip. I planned to bring back some clothes for CNY but sadly I did not buy much and I have already wore them. x.x
And also, I did not get to go to the Tokyo Street at Pavillion Mall. I was hoping to visit during the 2 years ago trip but the hope was not granted, so I carried it on to this year though it might not be that fun like how I thought. However, unfortunately the hope had gone in drain again fml.

After all, this trip was still a fun one. Looking forward to more family trip.
Once again, trip isn't about the place, it's about the people. Ask yourself when was the last time you accompany your family?