19 April 2015

Langkawi Island 2D2N Spontaneous Trip (10.4.15- 12.4.15)

This trip to Langkawi was done spontaneously and it was my first time been to Langkawi. I decided to join them a few hours before we departed from Penang to Kedah. The reason being was very simple, I was being left alone in Penang. Mommy and sister went for their holiday respectively. Theabandonedkid. I know I look like a city girl, but Hello I love nature, I love trees! Spontaneous vacation like this is good, especially when you need a break. However, if you let me choose, I would rather go for a plan trip.

15 April 2015

Favourite Afternoon Tea in Penang

It is out of sudden, my sister and I got addicted to Afternoon Tea and posted lots of photos in my Instagram (click to follow @kharnyee if you haven't!), I received messages asking me to suggest afternoon tea. So I am here to blog to share with you guys!

Before that, there is difference between afternoon tea and high tea. Many people refer afternoon tea as high tea, which is a wrong idea. I like to call afternoon tea as Tai tai style. It is a light meal served at tea time 3pm, consisting of finger sandwiches, scones with cream and jam and cakes. The portion is small. It is often enjoyed by women, ladies' social occasion.