Sunday, September 07, 2014

BFF farewell @ MonkeyCup Café

Café hunt has become one of the hobby of Penangites I guess because there are so many new café in town! But this was probably my last café hunt because my 'GPS' had gone to Kedah for future study. T.T Damn I miss her already *cryoutloud*

So, it was another no planning night, just Google and Foursquare search. Too bad Xinyi could not join us.
In the end, we decided to chill at MonkeyCup Café since both of us had not visited there yet.

I pretty like the location of this café. There is a private parking area behind the café (from the alley beside it), felt safe to park there :B!

Cheesecake cheese cake in various flavours!

Oreo Cheesecake (10.90 MYR)

Oreo cookie crumbles as the base and cheese with Oreo, top with an Oreo cookie. Pretty normal and not really impressive. But what can you ask for? It's just Oreo, isn't it?

Green Tea Cheesecake (10.90 MYR)

In compared, green tea cheesecake is not that sweet. If you are my loyal reader lol?, you definitely know that I do not have a sweet tooth. I prefer Green Tea than Orea Cheesecake.

I love their cheesecake because the glass bottle can bring back! HAHAHA #cheapskate LOL But the bottle is very useful, at least for me!

Creme Brulee (8.90 MYR)

The caramel crust is well-torched, it's like made in glass hahahha and the brulee is very smooth!

Did not plan to order this much because I had taken my dinner like 30 minutes before we met up, only planned to have a cuppa Latte. But Ting gave me a suupaa convincing reason that she was going to jungle soon, so she had to fix all her crave. Okay acceptable! And this indirectly causing me to have no cafe hunt. xD Also the cheapskate me wanted the cheesecake bottle so damn much HAHAHAHA!

Another reason was the staff kept recommending their Iced Doicetto (12.90 MYR @ left) and Iced Green Latte (12.90 MYR @ right). Sound so good but no. :( I was freaking disappointed to Iced Doicetto, maybe it is good but not for me, perhaps because I am too obsessed with Latte! I guessed I had expected too much, as the staff said only MonkeyCup has this Doicetto, so I thought it would be heavenly good and the name sounded so  kakkoii  (Japanese)! :'( And the Iced Green Latte tasted like the bubble milk tea we have in night market. Ting likes green tea and she disliked it too, so 很失望真的很失望!! 

After all, it is a good place to chill. Good service as well, the staffs are pretty friendly.

I think she said she had a pimple on the right cheek (center photo) HAHAHA!

Good luck in University study! ♥♥

Sunday, August 31, 2014

A little bit about life

Had the lowest point in life in recent months, perhaps because I get affected by things easily. #notstrongenoughtodealwithshitsyet

My blog was a space to talk/ rant/ vent things about life but now it has become a media to share information, like café in town, arrival of new brands in Penang/ Malaysia and etcetera. I never want this space to be a commercial site, but somewhat it's too public to write about personal. It's all right, I feel good to share things with you guys. I love reading blogs and I always hope that my readers will enjoy reading my blog too. :) Thank you for sticking with me throughout my blogging journey, from a boring personal journal to a lifestyle, food, beauty, fashion and chapalang blog.

Since here has become a public blog, I have stop blogging about myself. I still blog about my life, but I trimmed the unhappy parts. So hypocrite uh? :<

There were a lot of bad things happened in the past months and I was very extremely frustrated. Thus I went to stay with my mom, she is currently working and staying in Juru. I was there since July, occasionally back to stay in Penang for a week if I had things to do, so this explained why I had not blog often in July and August. 

Friends told me that I am brave to stay alone and I am strong to the point that I able to take care everything of myself, though I could not cook hahaha! What they see are superficially. I felt like end of the world (worst than end of the world frankly) when I have problems, I am afraid in making decisions. I need to ask 9876543210 people before I decide. I have nobody to ask/ seek for advices, I am very scared.

I was looking for peace, I thought there (Juru) will be a good place where I could leave the problems behind. I always tell my friends that I wish to run away from here, to a place where nobody knows me. 

But the peaceful had been broken...

I felt so much better to hide myself at home, watch anime 24/7. So I came back Penang island. Anime is the only thing that can make me forget EVERYTHING, I found my happiness and motivation from anime. LOL I could not say that this way works for everyone, at least it works on me. 

The main reason I came back to Penang is because I want to study! All thanks to an anime that I watched recently. It made me really want to back to study life.

Of course, it is also because of  too many people are 'pressuring' me to decide. 他們好像比我還要緊張. Everyone asks me where and when I want to go for study whenever they see me. Walao 很煩叻,我不知道!!!!Study (choosing college/uni) is not buy vegetables in market yknow! I know I should have stopped wasting my time, I completed my Diploma in March and graduated in June. .____. 

I miss study life, I really miss it! At least at that time, the major problem is just no leisure time, waking up early and busy doing assignment.

Anyway, I THINK I am going to start Degree life soon, very soon because the intake is 2 days later. LOL and I still have not apply HAHAHA Last time I also applied my Diploma day before deadline hehe .____. 有些事情真的需要衝動. The admin staff told me it's okay to apply a day before intake, BUT SHE DID NOT TELL ME THE DAY BEFORE INTAKE IS A PUBLIC HOLIDAY. FML really really hard. Please accept this poor student, I just want to study and get that piece of paper, aka certificate.

Wish me good luck! 

Penang is still the best, partially.