Monday, October 20, 2014

Coni Beauty Whitening Black Jelly Mask

I used to ask my mommy and sister why they like to shop for skincare when I am small because I felt boring whenever they are testing the products in the shop. After growing up, I finally understand how important skin care are 年少無知以爲皮膚很好都是天生的, especially for me who always put on make up. 

During those ordinary days, I will just remove the make up, cleanse the face and then toner, moisturiser like that then sleep. The face condition is gradually become drier and duller. T.T So when I am free all day, I will choose to stay at home, let the face breath the air 讓臉呼吸新鮮空氣 and pamper it with mask and beauty products. 

Two weeks ago, I received a parcel from It's Black Jelly Mask by Coni Beauty! Normally I buy facial paper or silk mask, this was my first time trying jelly mask. Surprisingly it is sho good and has become one of my favourite mask!

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The main ingredients of this jelly mask are black rose extract, sunflower seed oil, black diamond charcoal, vitamin B5 and etc. Black diamond charcoal is added because it can provide whitening and moisturising nutrients, at the same time regulate excessive oil. Whereas black rose essence provides sufficient energy to skin cells, enhancing brightening and anti-oxidant ability, with comprehensive whitening effect. 

Coni Jelly Mask is actually a deep cleansing mask, it will remove melanin from the inside out and exfoliate to restores skin’s vitality and elasticity and rejuvenates, reduce comedones, brightens dull skin and even the skin tone. It is recommended to use 1 to 3 times every week.

The texture is exactly like jelly that's why it's called jelly mask duh, quite concentrated compared to other jelly masks I have seen before in the market. Once I open the bottle, I can smell the fragrance of black rose. There is no artificial fragrance, colouring and alcohol added.

What you need to do is just apply evenly on your face, about 0.3cm thickness. Wash it off after 30 minutes.

I suggest to clean it with a facial sponge because the mask will dry after 30 minutes and it is quite difficult to remove. However with facial sponge, it can be removed with just a wipe. After that, wash the face with water will do. Hishop is selling the facial sponge too @ here.

Even though the result is not that obvious in photo, I can feel that the skin is less oily and smoother. The next day after I used the jelly mask, the skin is still bright with healthy glow and smooth. I like the soothing cooling sensation while applying and the hint of black rose scent. A product that is worth to try.

Coni Beauty Black Jelly Mask has 2 sizes- 20ml and 100ml. I have mine in 20ml. 
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