Friday, October 31, 2014

925 silver & handmade accessories, Ollie Jewellery

I really could not wait to share with you guys my new jewellery from Ollie Jewellery! ♥♥ Wanted to blog about this last week but I was pretty busy with works.

I guess you guys could guess what are the jewellery I wanted to share today if you follow my Instagram (@kharnyee follow me if you havent :D) because I could not blog so I posted a few seek pics on my social media.

Wore it out for the first time to have brunch with the sister at Pie Harbour. Thank you the sister for helping me to take the photos. Can you see how blink blink the ring and bracelet are!!!!

I like how they made me feel like I was receiving a present when I opened the package. The ring and the bracelet are nicely wrapped and kept. I was given a zipper bag to keep the items in case I do not want to keep them in the box. How lovely and thoughtful!

The moment when I opened up the box, I felt like I was being proposed ... by myself lolololol!

I was given an item from 925 silver and a handmade bracelet. For the 925 silver, I chose a 

I could not stop staring at this ring, it is just too elegant. I have been receiving a lot of compliments from friends and they said this ring suits me a lot. 

The ring is made with 925 Sterling Silver with Rhodium plating, it features a 1.5 carat of heart-shaped CZ with 3 small round side CZs each side in channel setting. The heart-shaped CZ made the design sophisticated and sweet and can be matched with any outfits.

For the handmade bracelet, I have Dainty Bracelet in Rose Quartz. The bracelet features 8 mm accent pave crystal ball and 4 mm crystal bead in rose quartz. The bracelet length is 16cm (My wrist size is 14cm) and is secured with lobster clasp. You may contact them if you want a different base length.

I am obsessed with this masterpiece, it has a simple design yet can be wore any time and anywhere, no matter you go for a casual dates or banquet. It adds a little attraction to my daily look.

If you do not know how to take good care of the jewellery, here are some tips:
#1. Keep the jewellery away from water, lotion, perfume or other harsh chemicals. 
#2. Remove the jewellery before showering, swimming, or coming in contact with liquids.

A good news for you guys! They are running a free shipping promotion without minimum purchase. Usually there is a minimum purchase of 100.00 MYR to get the free shipping. 

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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Recent favourite instant coffee - 豪式 Houuse Coffee

What is your most essential thing on your working or study desk?
For me, it is definitely a cup of good coffee! I am a night person, thus coffee is my good friend to keep me awake. I will be sharing my recent favourite coffee with you guys in this post! I have tried a lot of new things in October, stay tuned for more favourite sharing.

Calling my desk as working desk for this coming 5 months. I guess I will back to study next year. Met one of my college tutors yesterday at Queensbay Mall while shopping with the sister, she kept telling me that I have to study Degree no matter what. In fact, I really afraid to step into working environment at this moment because I afraid I would not want to back to study life. Study is wasting of money, but work is earning money. 
#kharnyeetheory #cannotbeingaffectedbythisconcept

I just got myself a full time job. Maybe the job scope isn't what I actually look for, but why not give it a try since I pretty like the company. :) Will blog about this soon.

After I have graduated from Diploma, I have tried to cut down the amount of caffeine because it is not healthy. However last month, I coincidentally got to know a new coffee brand - Houuse Fusion White Coffee. Assuming it is a new brand because I never see it in supermarket or hypermarket. It is selling in bakery shop.

This is my first time encounter 4 in 1 instant coffee. Normally instant coffee is 3 in 1 which has coffee, sugar and creamer. But Houuse White Coffee has one more ingredient, which is fiber. Another reason I cut down coffee because of constipation, I even bought fiber supplement to consume. .____. 

Next is the sugar content. The sweetness of Houuse coffee is just nice even if it only has 6g of sugar per serving, whereas commonly the sugar content is 15g. It's less than half, healthy level up!

I even did a little research of this brand since it is so new to me and found out that the founder is actually a doctor who advocates healthier. Now I can drink instant coffee without worries! :D

The 4 in 1 coffee is kept in a ziplock bag so you do not need to afraid of air leakage (?) 漏風 or ants problem. Just pour 3 spoonful of coffee powder and half mug of water (160ml), stir well and it is ready to serve! Easy right? That's what instant coffee should be lolol

In case you do not know where can buy this, check out their Facebook and website The website shows all the shops that are selling Houuse White Coffee.

I am really happy can be a coffee addict again since it is so healthy, I can drink it everyday! :D