Monday, November 17, 2014

Dettol pH Balanced shower gel

Last week, I blogged about how I take care of my skin. In case you haven't read it, read it at here.

My secret weapon of having healthy skin is the new formulated Dettol pH Balanced Shower Gel (Skincare). I have been using it since the day I received it.

First of all, thank you Dettol Malaysia for sending me these awesome products. I love how Dettol trying to improve by having a lot of new and fragrance scents that can suit more consumers. Some of my friends actually asked me what shower gel I am using. They were surprised when I said Dettol because Dettol used to have disinfectant scent. I really like Skincare shower gel (pink packaging). Not only the packaging won my heart, the scent is floral and feminine. Please go to supermarket to try the smell, it is really good! I swear :B

In my previous blogpost ft. Dettol, I showed the result of the pH test with Dettol and water. Now I am going to show you the live pH test! In this video, other than Dettol and water, I used a brand X to do the comparison and at the same time, show that the Hydrion pH Pencil can give the result from acidic to neutral, to alkaline too.

Can you see how amazing Dettol is! The pH value is exactly at the healthy pH which our skin should be having.

I am really very happy to know that the brand which I have trusted for so many years protects me from bacteria, germ and contaminants and also helps me to maintain a healthy and glowing skin.

A good news for y'all! You can get 5.00 MYR off any Dettol pH balanced 625ml shower gel variant, on top of in store discount at Guardian from 1st November to 21st December. Get the special offer at Remember to try the Skincare scent!!!!


Sunday, November 16, 2014

Beauty Talk Be' White Double Cleansing Gel

Do you ever feel that removing make up is very tiring and cumbersome? I always have this problem - I like to put on make up but I hate removing it because the progress is very tedious. I need to use different removers to remove different make up. For example, oil-based remover to remove eyes and lips make up.

Last week, I received another awesome product Beauty Talk Be' White Double Cleansing Gel from HiShop. I am so happy to receive this because it helped me a lot! Ever since I started working, I feel even lazier to remove the make up.

Beauty Talk Be' White Double Cleansing Gel is a double cleansing gel that can act as daily cleanser and also make up removal. One stone kills two birds product! (y)(y)

I like pump function because it is more hygiene. Even though this cleansing gel has a cap, this open-close feature make it more secure.

The texture is watery. For daily cleansing, add water to turn the gel into smooth foam. Then apply the foam to the face evenly, massage the face for deep cleansing and rinse off the foam with water.

For make up removing, keep the face and hands dry then place an adequate amount on the palm, massage in a circular motion. The gel will bind with the dirt and make up. Rinse off with water after that. For heavy make up, Repeat these steps until the face is clean.

All the make up I tried on my hand has been removed. No matter it is the make up base, eye make up and lipstick, all of them were cleaned at once.

Recommend this product especially to people who travel/ outstation often because you only need a bottle of this Double Cleansing gel which can act as cleanser and make up removal. This product helps to save your luggage space. And for people who is lazy like me, this product can be our best friend. The price is quite worthy (NP: 160.00MYR ; Promotion: 144.00MYR) because it is the combination of 2 products and it has 200ml!!!!

Don't forget to key in discount code for 15% discount! 
 Coupon : KHARNYEE 

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