Monday, March 02, 2015

Japin 絕品 Bandar Sunway, Seberang Jaya

How can a Japanese lover reject Japanese cuisine?

Special thanks to Japin Bandar Sunway for hosting this review for me. The actual food review date was on 1st of February but I was in a spontaneous KL trip and I couldn't back to Penang on time.

We rescheduled the review to the 8th day of CNY, I was very surprised that it was very crowded even though wasn't on lunch time. We was there at 2pm.

Since just 2 of us (Megumi and I) went for the review, we couldn't try more dishes.
Chasyu Japin Ramen

The first impression of this ramen is just a word, simple. Before I went for the review, I actually have asked some of my friends who have tried Japin, they told me it's salty. But when I first tried, the broth was just right and very flavourful. There're 3 slices of chasyu (Barbeque pork), which I like very much. As for the lava egg, it was quite okay, just that the yolk was not runny enough. We finished the entire bowl of ramen, thumbs up!

Mikkusu in Japanese means Mix, this bento consists of 3 types of meat - pork, chicken and beef. Finally I know why the staff asked us whether we take beef. This is indeed a very simple dish, nothing to rave about except the creative of meat combination. You can have 3 types of meat at once. 

Salmon Teriyaki
Teriyaki sauce is delicious, slightly sweet, while the salmon is nicely done. 

A good news for everyone, you can now apply Japin Card and get a discount immediately.
20% off on total bill on your birthday, 10% off on total price for every visit. Other than these, you will receive exclusive vouchers and free gift.

No 75, Jalan Todak 6, Pusat Bandar Seberang Jaya Penang, Malaysia


Friday, February 27, 2015

Butterfly Project x NARS Gurney Plaza x NARS Spring 2015 Color Collection

One of the best events I attended so far in my blogging journey.
Could not appreciate more to have this opportunity to be part of the Butterfly Project. I was one of their members for quite a long time already, in fact I just registered, followed their FB page & group and keep liking the posts but did not have the chance to attend. Until I saw the news that the Founder, Tammy was planning to meet us, Penang blogger up and she would be bringing NARS together! Thank you so much NARS for the sponsorship, else this meetup would not be so successful. ♥♥

Leave the office 1.5hours earlier just for this event. HAHAHA I have ze best boss don't worry. :3

Left: Before the makeover. I was too excited to attend this event until I left my house without any eye makeup.
Right: Makeup done by NARS MUA, Alan Chong. I chose simple eye makeup because I know that I could not handle heavy eye makeup and I don't like smokey eyes. My eyes looked wide awake after the touch up.

How I wish they are all mine! I can leave my house without eye makeup, but I can never live without lipsticks.

Randomly playing with the cosmetics and Shelyn told me that this lipstick (Jungle Red) is their hot selling product. *Dragged to Bucket list*

Left: Eye-Opening Act. Captivating Range Limited Edition
The St. Lucia Illuminatig Multiple is a God creature, the MUA applied this on my cheek and I could see how amazing it makes my face glowed! (y)(y)
Right: NARS 2014 Holiday Edition (Check out my review of this collection here)

Front-left: Laser Cut Eye, Cheek & Lip Palette
Back-right: Modern Future Roman Holiday Lip, Cheek & Nail Set Love how sweet the pink colour is!

Kinda feel that the event was too short because NARS has variety of products, all of them are interesting and amazing to me, I need more time to explore and try them out!

Special thanks to NARS for giving us such a big surprise, we brought home the   NARS Spring 2015 Color Collection ! :D:D

See how lovely NARS is!
From top to bottom, left to right.

Porto Venere Eye Paint 96.00 MYR

It is a cream based eye shadow in soft pale pink colour. I use it an eye primer, apply before eye shadow. It holds the eye shadow longer and also reduce the chances of eyeliner or mascara smudge.

Inoubliable Coup D'oeil Eyeshadow Palette 190.00 MYR

One of my favourite items!

Eyeshadow palette from top to bottom, left to right. Swatch on hand from right to left
Dalliance Eyeshadow - Dusty lilac stone, 
Pyla Eyeshadow - Smokey hunter green, 
Sidi Bou Saïd - Blackened grape 
Pandora Duo Eyeshadow - sheer white shimmer, 
Luberon - iridescent sand with rose gold sheen, 
Pandora Duo Eyeshadow - matte black

The MUA, Alan told us that this palette is very handy, it can create simple daily eye makeup and also smokey eye makeup too. My favourite shadow colour in this palette is definitely Luberon, as you can see from the photo, see the amount I have used, until there's a little notch hehehe

Guyane Lip Gloss 89.00 MYR

In this collection, there are 2 shades of lip gloss. Another shade is Vent Salé Lip Gloss, which is a sliver highlight colour. Check out Rachael's blog, she was given Vent Salé. I think NARS knows me well, so they give me Guyane shade. I have been wearing this pretty often too. ♥♥

Liguria Lipstick 91.00 MYR

In nude caramel colour. I never go for Nude colour because it tends to make me look pale, but nude caramel colour is different, as it has orangey colour with it.

Reckless Blush 121.00 MYR

One of my favourite items!

Instead of using it as a blush, I actually used it as eyeshadow. Love this sheer pink shimmering colour. Other than as an eyeshadow, sometimes I applied to highlight my cheekbones, I want cute apple cheek Hahaha *shy*.

Valhalla Single Eyeshadow 93.00 MYR

Most favourite item in this collection!
I have been wearing this colour ever since I got it and now I cannot live without it. It's the must have item in your makeup collection, please get it if you haven't! Compared to Reckless Blush, it is less shimmering, just a soft shimmering pink peach colour.

Right to left
Porto Venere Eye Paint, Valhalla Single Eyeshadow, Reckless Blush, Liguria Lipstick, Guyane Lip Gloss

My recent eye makeup
I remembered I wrote I don't like Eyeshadows before, but NARS eyeshadows changed my mind.
After Alan helped to touch up my eye makeup, I realized that not only mascara and eyeliner helps to enhance the eye features, eyeshadows does the wonder too!

I applied the Valhalla Single Eyeshadow all over the eye socket, then added Luberon from the 6 shades palette at the corner so that it would not look so boring.

Very grateful and blessed to have all these products. Thank you NARS for showering so much love on me! ♥♥

Jasmine, NARS PR Tsi Ying, Your truly, Rachael, Butterfly Project's Founder Tammy and Shelyn!

New blogger friends, Kelly on the second left and Chloe at the most right!
Nice to meet you all! ♥♥

I looked like a steamed-not-roasted potato here. HAHAHAHA

NARS Parkson Gurney Plaza Ground floor
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