Sayonara to Black and Whiteheads

It had been a while since I did beauty review. 
So let's talk about beauty today!

Even though I am very lazy to take good care of my face (sometimes I just wash the face with cleanser, without applying any facial products, not even apply a drop of toner), I still wish to have good skin condition. So contradict. LOL 
You tell me which girl does not want to look beautiful! Even my mommy secretly uses my blusher. hahahha

Let me tell you a secret, the first place I look at someone when I am talking to him/her is the nose.
Maybe I was influenced by my sister, like to talk about the nose bridge. -.-

Personally I think the beauty of the nose is very important!
You can contour + highlight to have higher nose bridge, or maybe plastic surgery since it's faster. lol. But then with makeup, you can't 100% get rid of the white and blackheads.

I'm really very happy to receive Off With Those Heads from b.liv by cellnique (30ml)
Available in 2 sizes, 30ml and 45ml.

and 2 pieces of Absolute Matte Masks!

Off With Those Heads is serum gel that can extract the white and blackheads easily without squeezing.
From the instruction manual, it said that this serum gel will stop the white and blackheads from appearing again because it softens the clogging blocking pores, allowing the extraction and removal of all the sores. 

Let me give you a simple sum up about the skin condition of my nose.
I do not have blackheads, you don't jelly. :p But I normally will have 2 to 3 whiteheads hiding at the side of the nose. It is very difficult to squeeze them out because they are at the side. 

After using this serum gel for a week (used it daily after cleansed the face), I can see that the white heads are getting less obvious and no more new whiteheads grow on my nose. YAY! *open champagne* 

Not to forget, the serum gel smells very good! 

I have only used this serum for a week because when I received this product, the air pump was not working.
However, I really amazed by their efficient services (HiShop and b.liv). Once I noticed the pump was not working, I emailed Mabel, the Community Manager of HiShop and I received the emails from b'liv after a day. After all the advices of how to use the air pump (shake the bottle and etc), but it still wasn't woking, I received a new bottle 3 days after I sent back the defective bottle. The process from contact to exchange took approximately 1 week. (Y)

See what extra products I received in the parcel from b'liv. These miniature samples are so cute!
Squeaky clean 5ml, off with those heads 3ml and oil leviate 3ml!

*red light alert*

I actually do not mind to tell people how I look without make up, because it's my face what! I should love it ♥♥♥♥, right right! LOL
But sometimes I went out without makeup, mommy said I look like a pale ghost. LOL. Can I be a vampire? HEHEHHE



Not sure you can see or not, the camera refused to focus my nose. LOL

See the nose so smooth. No more whiteheads, me love it. LOLOL!

Show you a nicer one before I end this post, in appreciate of you see my bared face but did not close it, maybe you just scroll faster to the end. HAHAHHAHAHAHHA
Actually not completely bared face, I did apply some blusher so I wont scare you guys off. LOL

For more information: .

I hope you like the review! I hope I will have more chances to share beauty products with you guys in the future!
Absolute Matte Masks will be in another blog post, stay tuned! :D

Have fun, it's TGIF! :D

My experience in TARUC

Disclaimer: Everything below is personal opinion, personal experience. 

There's a #kharnyeecollege tag, you may find out more there.

I used to hope I can graduate faster, step out from study life (been study for so many years, I am tired), then work. Maybe I watched too much of drama, so I kind of feel that working is fun. LOL Time flies. Now, I have completed my Diploma in TARUC (Tunku Abdul Rahman University College), Penang. In case you do not know, I was a Business Information System (known as DIB) student. Nothing related to business, except I took some Accounting papers which I did not think it is a need to study LOL, and I'm major in programming.

About my experience in TARUC.

At first, I hesitated  to study in TARUC because I never heard it is good in IT. People come to TARUC mostly for Accounting because it offers Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA). However, now I freaking love TARUC, I don't feel like graduate, I have finally gotten used to, love this college life, now you tell me I have completed the course. :'( :'(

TARUC isn't the type of college you imagine, trust me it is not. It's never the type you see in drama. You cannot wear fancy fancy to college - no sleeveless top, no slippers or sandals that expose your toes, no short pants or skirts that are shorter than knee length for 5 freaking days. Everything is totally opposite from your imagination. 
Ohya, I do not know why but Birkenstock and Fitflopss are allowed (except in comp lab, library) :O, expensive shoes are special case I guess LOL

Each semester when I received the schedule, I would complain 97615728282582 times to 815178292 people. The schedule was suupaa packed, suffocated. 5days classes, the earliest can be 8.30am, the classes can be ended at 6.00pm. I once had classes from 8.30am to 6.30pm, 10 freaking hours with only 30min or 1hour break, I even had 3 continuously classes with no break in last semester. Imagine how horrendous it was, right?

TARUC is very good in spoon feeding LOL. We have well-prepared notes that we only need to do some fill in the blanks. We do not need to print the notes ourselves because the lecturers will inform the person who in charge of printing to do EVERYTHING for us. We do not need to go to library to find the reference books because the fill-in-the-blanks can be gotten from the lecturer's teaching slide, also we can request for the soft copy, some of the lecturers will give us. But after my batch, they changed the syllabus, changed the textbook, our books can no longer sell to the junior. :@

As for the lecturers and tutors, personally think that they are friendly. I not sure was it because I was closer to them, as sometimes I would have brief chat with them (related or not related to lessons). I liked to ask my lecturers why they wanted to be in education field instead of working at outside be an IT specialist. They actually shared me a lot of their personal experience, also gave me opinions about college to pursue my Degree. I am an indecisive person, I cannot make decision on my own. Even what to eat, where to eat, I wish there's someone who can decide for me. But then please decide what I like to eat. HAHAHHAHA

They have the patience because they never feel that students are hopeless. No matter how worse they had heard about my class, though they always said previous year DIB wasn't like this one and etc, yet they still mentioned the word 'believe'. They believe if we put effort, they believe if we work hard, they believe a lot, yet  ... ...
I was feeling very guilty because the one and only paper I sit for final exam in this semester I studied a day before, suupaa slack. Also, I skipped a lot of the lectures and tutorials. I felt so bad when I saw the lecturer was so happy to see we finished the exam about 45 minutes earlier, her wide smile let me felt that she was so proud, like if because the questions are too easy and straightforward, in fact, sorry Dr. Kang, I did not know how to do, so I decided to submit the papers earlier instead of struggling there. T.T
(I think the probability for me to pass the subject is still high, my coursework isn't that bad.)

They rarely fail student, unless you are too over. Because failing a student is very troublesome, they have to write report LOL (Not sure I'm allowed to reveal this LOL) They gave a lot of chances eg. Endless make good test to pass your coursework and ensure you are qualified to sit for final exam. If you really fail the subject, ask yourself where is the effort, have you appreciate those chances you got?

I have heard a lot from my friends in other college, how relaxing they are. One class in a day, one week 3 days class, so good right! Their lecturers are very relaxing too, before exam throws you with all the tips, study and you pass. Good right?!

Yet, this is not the type of college I want to go. If I just study for a graduation certificate, I don't find it a point to study since it's just a piece of paper. No doubt, you couldn't live without this piece of paper, the society is too realistic. But I study because I want a good future. I study because I want to learn. I study because I like it. Since the parents have invested the money, why don't you appreciate? I used to admire friends who can study aboard, I wish I can have the chance to study aboard, but I cancelled this idea because my parents once said want to study in college, get yourself a scholarship. That's how I survive in college. That's the reason why I choose TARUC too.

TARUC Penang doesn't offer Degree, I have to study in KL branch. I did wish to go to KL, but now no longer, as my sister had come back to Penang, I will be freaking alone in KL. I will homesick, really I will. So now I am having phobia in making decision (so called 选择恐惧症). The more I think, the more I don't feel like study. And when I tell people I do not want to study, no one agree with me, also some of them do not believe in me. They don't know how this problem has pestered me.

So now your turn to tell me I should pursue my Degree in which college of Penang.

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