23 May 2015

LoveNail Design Manicure - Instant Nail Applique

Hey my dear lovely people, I have something fun and pretty to share with you guys! I was not informed from Hishop that I would receive the LoveNail Manicure, normally they would email me to confirm the mailing address, but this time not. So I received it in surprised! Thank you Hishop! ♥♥

Put the manicure stickers on my nails once I received, too pretty I couldn't resist! Have to blog to share with you guys immediately!

21 May 2015

McDowell's No1. Friendship Nights

Advertorial/ Sponsored Review

I guess fans of alcohol will know about this brand- McDowell's.

McDowell's is a flagship brand of United Spirits Ltd.(USL), the second largest spirits company in the world. They recently has launched McDowell's No1 Whisky in Malaysia and they brought the 'No.1 Friendship Nights' to Malaysia to celebrate this No.1 spirit of Friendship.