Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Muar Yuen Cheng Siang Bak Kua 麻坡源珍香肉干

Chinese New Year is around the corner, times flies it's Goat year soon! Have you started doing CNY shopping?

What you like about CNY?
Other than Angpau (Red Packets), my next favourite would be food and I like Bak Kua (Meat Jerky) the most. For the previous years, my uncle would make barbecued meat jerky (yes homemade) for sales and also for us. He made the best meat jerky ever! But too bad, he had stopped making the meat jerky and meat floss too. :(

CNY is the season which you will eat and drink non-stop, it is also the season for the fats to grow on your body too. I try to eat less Bak Kua every year because I can hardly loss weight, Bak Kua is extremely oily.

Muar Yuen Cheng Siang 麻坡源珍香

I was not familiar with this brand honestly, but it actually started since 1960s, in a famous back street in Muar. I heard from my colleague that Yuen Cheng Siang did have an outlet in Penang few years ago, she told me this brand is famous too. 

Thanks to JJ Jason from JJ in Da House, I can have the opportunity to try this brand.

I like the packaging a lot!
The man who is barbecuing the Bak Kua is Yuen Cheng Siang's founder, Master Goh! Master Goh persists that his Bak Kua need to be made from fresh meat, seasoned with natural spices only and most importantly no trans fat

I believe you can see from the photos that the texture of the Bak Kua clearly, it has great texture and not to forget superb flavour too! You can also see that it is not that oily compared to those you can get out there. So for me, this is healthy barbecued meat jerky that I would not mind to eat more. I have to give this a thumbs up! (y)

I guess due to it is less oily, the meat is not that juicy and tender and quite hard to bite.

Another thing that Yuen Cheng Siang impressed me is their creative and innovative. Other than the traditional barbecued meat jerky, they have special flavours like Almond, Baba Nyonya Chili, Black Pepper, Cheese and etc. 

Yuen Cheng Siang's Bak Kua can be ordered from their official website
You can enjoy free delivery when you purchase 80.00 MYR and above. (Delivery fees: 6.00 MYR) 

They have more than 10 distribution outlets throughout Malaysia. If you are from Johor, Malacca, Seremban, Selangor, KL, Pahang, Perak or Sarawak, you may purchase from the store. Find the nearest store at

For more information, check out their website, LIKE their Facebook

Happy Chinese New Year to you all in advance! ♥♥


Tuesday, January 20, 2015

NARS Holiday 2014 review

I am a person who will rather buy cosmetics than skincare. I know I should focus more on skincare but I could not resist buying cosmetics, especially when it has very pretty and classy packaging.

Last month, December 2014, NARS finally came to Penang, Malaysia. NARS only have 2 stores/ counters in Malaysia, the first is at Pavillion and the second counter is at Penang Gurney Plaza's Parkson. It is located at the entrance, you will definitely not miss it out when you walk into Parkson.

I was sent a few products from NARS to review. I truly apologized for delaying this review. All the products are Holiday 2014 Edition, I hope they are still selling. I love the lipsticks, I have been wearing it pretty often ever since I got it. I can say that it is my favourite among all!

Lip gloss: Soleil D’Orient Shimmering pink champagne
Eye shadow: Gabon Bronzed green
Lip stick: Femme Fleur Shimmering brick red with gold pearl
Nail Polish: Algonquin Sparkling lilac

Lip gloss: Soleil D’Orient Shimmering pink champagne
0.18Oz. / 6ml

If you ask me to choose, I will go for lip stick than lip gloss because for me, lip stick stays longer than lip gloss on my lips, also I do not like the sticky feel of lip gloss.

When I received this nude colour lip gloss, I was afraid I could not carry this colour because I have a quite fair skin that will tend to make me look pale if without blusher or lip stick. This is why I will go for lip stick.

Don't think I can carry this nude colour well. Yet, the colour is very nice itself, I really should get a lipstick that can match this lip gloss well!

Eye shadow: Gabon Bronzed green
0.07Oz. / 2.2g

I am not a fan of eye shadow and I have zero knowledge when it comes to eye shadow. I only put a light shade of eye shadow when I go for party event because the environment is so dark, nobody cares about my makeup HAHAHA So it's okay if I mess up the eye shadow. :')

The colour of Gabon is very solid and does not smudge throughout the day. I tried to sweep it with my hand and the colour does not being ruined too.

Lip stick: Femme Fleur Shimmering brick red with gold pearl
0.11Oz. / 3.4g

My favourite piece among all!
Not sure if you know, among all the cosmetics, I always love lip sticks. The reason being is it always make my face looks awaken and also less pale. I do not fancy bright lip colour, I stick to the colour that can match any outfits' colour. Something darker and dimmer like this Femme Fleur. I was very happy when I got this shade in the parcel, I worried if I got nude colour like Adriatic which is Glistening soft cream. 

Due to I have cracked lips, especially when monsoon season (which is now), I am very particular when it comes to lipsticks. I like NARS lipstick as it is quite moisture and it does not show much of my lip lines, which is very good! (y)

Eye shadow / Lip Stick / Lip Gloss

Nail Polish: Algonquin Sparkling lilac
0.5Fl Oz. / 15ml

After tried so many brands of nail polish whether it is branded like OPI, korea brand like Faceshop, Etude House or In-house brand like Sephora over N years, I finally can conclude that my favourite nail polish brand is NARS!

The main reason is because it dries really very fast and it is good for impatient plus clumsy person like me. The nail polish dries very fast to the extend that I do not have the time to mess it up. lolololol! 2 coats are enough to give your nail a very nice colour. 

PS: The nail polish dries fast when it is on nail, not when it is still in the nail polish bottle. The nail polish is very watery fyi. :)

Thank you NARS Malaysia team for these awesome products. ♥♥
For more information, check out their website, LIKE their Facebook and also FOLLOW their instagram @NARSissist