Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Sakae Sushi 荣寿司 new menu 2014


Don't think a lot of people know that I like to eat sushi. I can't say that my favourite food is sushi but because I love Japan and then I want to make everything of Japan to be my favourite. For example, when I want to buy new make up, skin care product, I will go for Japanese first. Call me Japanese worshipper please! HAHAHA

I was very very excited to be invited to do a food review at Sakae Sushi for their new menu. Thank you PenangLang and Shelyn!

Hello froggy! 

Honey Jujube Genmai Tea (7.98MYR Hot, 8.98MYR Cold)

This is like an advance version of Genmai Tea to me because the genmai tea (classic Japanese green tea blended with toasted brown rice) has added wholesome honey and jujube dates.

Sashimi Moriawase Zen (7 kinds) (26.98MYR 1pc each, 55.98MYR 3pcs each)

The 7 kinds of sashimi includes salmon that is directly air-flown from Norway, salmon roe, yellowtail, tuna, Mekajiki Toro (swordfish belly), octopus and butterfish. Mekajiki Toro is the newly added sashimi in Sakae Sushi, it has a slightly firmer texture. My favourite among all!

Wafu Salad (6.98MYR)

A delectable starter consisting of avocado, lotus root, raisins, corns, Japanese cucumber slices, cherry tomatoes, shredded cabbage and carrot with a drizzle of wafu dressing. A very appetising salad (y)

Aburi Salmon Maki (19.98MYR)

I am sure all the sushi lovers will love this hand-pressed Japanese roll. It is prepared with half-broiled salmon, crab stick, shrimp roe and mayonnaise.

Salmon zukushi (19.98MYR)

This is a salmon lover's speciality because it features Sakae's signature air-flown salmon served in 5 unique sushi includes Hana Maki, Salmon roe, Salmon Mentai Sushi, Salmon sushi and sashimi varieties. 

Yaki Corn Tempura (7.98MYR)

Don't underestimate this tempura please! the juicy grilled corn coated with golden tempura batter. It is very crispy texture with sweetness from the corn inside.

Hotate Mentaiyaki (20.98MYR)

My favourite dish among all is gonna be this mentaiyaki because I love mentaiko! Succulent scallops are grilled and topped with creamy mentaiko mayonnaise. 

Goma Soft Shell Crab Cha Soba (17.98MYR)

The authentic green tea buckwheat noodles complemented with crispy soft shell crab and sesame dressing. I like the taste of sweetness and creamy texture of the sesame dressing, a decent combination with cha soba.

Smoked Kamo Nabe (23.98MYR)

A pot of tender smoked duck with assorted mushrooms and vegetables in a clear broth. This is my favourite dish as well, I like the clear soup with very strong cabbage taste.

Fire Engine Kid set (13.98MYR)

A fun kiddy set with mouth-watering chicken teriyaki, mini prawn tempura, smiley potato fries, assorted vegetables and steamed rice. It's really difficult to please a kid to sit down quietly enjoy his/her meal! I am really impressed how caring the Sakae team is, they are able to make all the nutritions needed by a kid into an attractive kid set!

Miso Ice Cream (6.98MYR)

Finally here comes the dessert! It is a must-try dessert. Miso ice cream topped with bonito flakes and strawberry, bring together 2 unique flavours to create a luscious new indulgence. This dessert has both sweet and salty taste, a very delightful treat!

In conjunction with the new menu promo, diners at Sakae Sushi can enjoy discount of up to 50% off selected new menu items!

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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

JS Fashion Square

Hello Wello!
August is pretty good, July was awesome! I did a lot of shopping lately because girl/ woman can never feel satisfied even if the wardrobe has no more extra places to keep new clothes. Oh ya, it's okay to have 2 wardrobes in a bedroom fyi. I want to have a walk-in closet in future! :D

Since Ting has stopped her part-time work, so I dragged her to do fashion review with me at JS Fashion Square, Prangin Mall last Saturday (2nd August). She has officially become my shopping companion, I love hanging out with her! and my photographer.

It has been more than a year since I shopped in Prangin Mall, never know they have such huge JS outlet there. JS Fashion Square is subsidiary brand of Jefferson, it has wide range of ladies wear from casual to formal to dinner wears and all the clothings are very stylish! JS Prangin Mall is located at the 4th floor, previously was Popular book store.

Lets's start shopping now!

See how happy was I. So-called retail therapy, shopping is the best way to forget the unhappiness! 

Done grabbing all the awesome pieces, let's go!

#1. Smart Casual


This is my all-time-favourite dress-up style. I love wearing pattern sleeveless top and paired with basic colour shorts/ skirts. I love this outfits among all, perfectly for dates and events. This skort made me look so thin OMGGGGGGGG!!!!

I did this fashion review with Jolynn, she came back to Penang for the Raya Hols. :D Sho happy to see her! 

#2. Try-to-look-younger and act-cute looks

Wearing this little blue denim 'dress' with a black shorts inside. Single quoted the dress because it is meant to be a top, unless you are very petite, then it can be a dress. I am 160cm fyi. :)

I really love this denim top seriously but it is a little bit tight for me, too bad it is free size. The measurements of JS's clothings are smaller, especially for the free size. Hippo like me cannot fit in. :'(

First time wearing braces skirt, nice or not? 
Paired it with basic colour singlet so that people can put more attention on the skirt. Braces skirt and pullover are perfect match too! The cutting is good, the only thing I dislike is the adjustable braces, as I adjusted it to my perfect length, after a few poses, it became loosen again. This was the reason I did not take it home, lazy to do extra sewing :p.

#3. Not-so-me type of formal look. LOL

Ting chose this outfits for me because she heard Jolynn said we have to do a formal look. :3 Peplum top with long pants is never my type of style. My formal attire will always be like an OL lady - formal long sleeve blouse with black pencil skirt. So this was my first time I 'challenged' this type of semi-formal(?) outfits. Okay not?


Selfie while waiting at the checkout counter! My girlfriend + shopping + food hunting companion + bff who is very important in my life! Hai hmm hai hou lam ar? HAHAHA

Went home happily with 2 bags of clothes! The first time I did once I reached home was took all the clothes to wash HAHAHA! Can't wait to wear them out.

The clothings of JS Fashion Square are very affordable, the pieces I tried above are priced from 30.0 MYR and the quality is really good! The night before I told Ting that I would only bring 100.00 MYR for our breakfast @ Ferringhi Coffee Garden (will blog soon) and no cards because I had done a lot of shopping lately, in conclude : overspent *guilty* but ... so cheap how can I resist? So I extra purchased on top of those sponsored by them. HEHEHE :p

Which outfits is your favourite?

For more information, check out JS Fashion Square official website