18 November 2012

Benefits of blogging

The 100th post! 

Time flies, I have been using this blog URL for exactly 7 months. The first post I did in this blog is on April 17th. I still remembered I broke down and cried when I accidentally removed the Google account which had linked to my blog (kharnyeeee.blogspot.com) as well as YouTube channel. If you followed my old blog, I think you will know I have done a YouTube video before. I still remembered there was a reader, which is an anonymous, h/she asked me to do more videos in formspring.me, then I promised I would do more, but then until now I still haven't fulfilled the promise. (If you still read my blog, I am so sorry!!)

Actually I always wonder is there anyone reads my blog. I am afraid I am the writer, and also the only reader of this blog. FML!

Well even if there is non, I still very happy to own a blog.

I am very envied to the people who can speak English fluently and also good writer. I feel inferior when the essay I got back from the teacher has a lot of red marks ever since I was in primary school. The sadness overflow whenever I re-read the full of red mark essay that I wrote. So I usually never read them, thus I never knew what was the grammar problem I had done.

When I was writing the English essay, especially during the exam, I was very nervous because I would run out of inspiration, so I would make a lot of mistakes. I remembered after the SPM trial, the English teacher explained all the mistakes in our essay one-by-one. That time I was dilemma to talk to him because the essay I wrote in trial was a very terrible essay. :/ I will never forget what the teacher said to me, I swear I will not! I asked him how to improve writing skill. Then he told me 'Your English definitely 
not an A student.' These 7 words were like carved in my mind. To be honest, he actually gave me the vindictive to work harder in English language. Thanks teacher!

Because of this blog, I feel that I can write better now, as I have found out a lot of the grammar mistake I usually did. I am trying to control my grammar, so that I will make lesser mistake. This was being proved when the essay I wrote in the class has lesser red marks compared to last time. *Dancing banana* I have also learnt some new vocabulary, not those bombastic kind, at least the essay I write is not restricted to the same kind of phrase or words. Sometimes when I am uncertain with some words or grammar, I will Google them. In this way, I have also learnt how to use the verb tenses more accurately (Don't get me wrong, I mean more accurate than last time). Just like yesterday, I found out that every day should be in 2 words. I used to think that every day should be in 1 word. 'Everyday' is an invalid word!

Thanks to blogging, I could write better in the Semester1 English final exam, so I got grade A-! Blogging rocks FTW!

Blogging is just an interest. I love typing, I love writing! Because of blog, I started to come into contact with HTML and CSS when I decided to make my own blog template. Then I was addicted to it. The beginning, I modified the blog templates that were downloaded from blogskins.com. From modification, through trials and errors, I learnt the basic of HTML code myself. Then, I discovered that I love coding a lot. Programming is a right choice, even though business code is a wrong choice. Yet, I am still happy, at least I can find happiness in coding. If I never have a blog, perhaps now I still would not know what I actually like, I would just live without assertive and aims.

Blogging is an occupation! Alter, full-time blogger is an occupation. Jane Chuckei have said that full-time blogger is the best job ever. *Raise both hands, raise both legs, nod head* I never dare to think that one day I can be a successful or famous blogger, but I cannot deny that I never dream to be. Long time ago, I asked myself if I get to choose between wealth and fame, what I will choose. My answer is I choose fame, because I can fully utilise the fame to make profit (Sorry if you think this is greedy vanity, but I do not think so). Just like when you are famous, a lot of people will show support to you! Right? Agree? Win-win! :D

So now you tell me how can I do not love blogging, when it brings me so many benefits! It changed my life, it changed me, from a person who did not have ambition, did not have aims, who could not see how the future is to be who am I now. I am not a successful person yet, at least now I know what I can be and develop in the future. 

Ps: Few days ago, I noticed that my blog's page rank has increased to rank1! I remembered my old blog was in rank1 too, then due to SPM and its trial, I neglected the blog so it dropped to rank 0. :/ I was so happy that this blog's rank had finally increased! :D I only hope that it will maintain in this rank, please don't drop!