Not easily defeated

A little bit moody the day after last Friday. Thought of a lot of things, especially old memories , they made me feel very depressed. After study in college for almost six months, in fact I am not exactly know what I actually had learnt, I did not know whether am I suitable in this course, do I really like it. Perhaps because the method I used in study is not the right way, I felt like I was a failure. The failure in Programming assignment had seriously hit me down. Anyway, still because of all these mental blow, I am glad that I am able to perk up. I feel like I have been revived. I found the new me!

I want to study hard, I want to succeed. I want to prove that the dream is not a dream, it is not a wishful thinking, it is hope that can be achieved.

I had a few productive night lately. The semester exam is just around the corner, if not mistaken, it will be started after fortnight. It is time to start preparing for the exam. Fight for my CGPA 3.96 goal! I will never give up this goal, I have 5 semester exams (Included this semester) for me to struggle for, I believe I really can achieve it before I graduate from Diploma. がんばって! Just have to persist for 1 more month, then I can enjoy the 3 weeks semester break! Date me people! :D

Enough of college's stuff. I am in love in dressing up with pastel colour lately. Below is my favourite pastel colour matching outfit. Pastel pink with purple is a perfect match, don't you think so too?

Top from a random boutique in Puchong, Selangor.

Forever young! Forever like to act cute too! HAHAHAH

full outfit. :D

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